The Company has a professional management team headed by its Group Chairman Mr.Said Al Junaibi. He is the founder of Manadher Group Manadher Al Sahra Trading. His strong business acumen and dynamic management style have been the strength on which the company has been able to achieve tremendous growth. He has a vision to make the Company a global player.

The management team consists of professional business and divisional operating heads, which are professionally qualified with several years of experience in their area of specialization. The personnel under the respective divisional heads are also well trained and qualified. The management philosophy of the company is to encourage independent decision making by the operational and divisional heads to groom them as successful managers. Collective process of decision making is also resorted to when a consensus is required on a crucial business decision.

At Manadher, we have a well established infrastructure for execution of operations. We have a modern office set up, a transport division with a fleet of heavy vehicles and earth moving equipments and carpentry and steel fabrication shops. The office located at Ghala is fully computerized.

Technical Manpower Supply

  • We supply manpower with skills in the following areas:
  • Mechanics, electronic technicians, pump operators, fork lift operators,
  • Welder's drivers, AC mechanics

Wide Customer Base
Manadher has been working with Government, semi government as well as private agencies and has a very wide customer base in the market.

Training and Development
We have laid great emphasis on conduction in-house and on the job training for all our personnel.  An induction and orientation program for new recruits on the company’s policies, procedure, quality systems are given to the employees before being inducted into the service so that quality of work does not fall below the prescribed standard.                                           

Data Base
We have vast experience in a variety of construction jobs. Over the period of time, we have established a wide database of the product ranges and latest techniques, which is accessible to our engineers and supervisors.

Quality Assurance/Control
We have given great emphasis to ensure that only excellent materials are used in the works. We have a system of quality assurance of using only the correct material specified which in turn is further verified by regular site visits, testing procedures and regular follow up so that the client gets the best value for his money.

Manadher Quality Management System
This has been developed to ensure that requirement for all critical activities are clearly identified, recognized, understood and agreed by all staff involved. The quality policy statement encompasses the guiding principles in Manadher Al Sahra Trading quest for quality and growth. The system ensures that necessary management and control system for particular activities are in place, complying with the agreed requirement

The company has the following infrastructure for execution of projects:

  • Skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labour force.
  • Heavy machineries like Water tankers (Blue and Green),JCB, Excavators, Compactors, Rollers, Weigh Batchers, and Mixer Machines etc.
  • Vehicles including Tippers, Flatbed, Tankers and 4 wheel drive pickups.
  • Carpentry workshops.
  • Steel fabrication unit.
  • Workshop for repairs and maintenance of plant & machinery and vehicles.
  • Mechanical Drilling Rig (Mounted on a truck)

Uses:- Torque converters, clutches, and transmissions powered by its own engines, often diesel, drilling for shallow water wells Capacity of drilling depth up to 75 meters approx.


  • Core team of well qualified professionals with extensive experience in Construction projects. 
  •  High level of technical competence, meticulous planning and successful execution history.
  • High level of automation, system and procedures.
  • Excellent infrastructure suited to undertake projects of any magnitude.