• We have successfully delivered projects up to $2 million, and target work in minerals processing, materials handling and general heavy construction.
  • Manadher Al Sahra has been successfully delivering projects in mining, marine, industrial and civil construction for over a decade. During that time, we have built our reputation for reliability by consistently delivering projects on time and on budget.
  •  We support this with the operational edibility needed to meet client demands and the ability to deliver innovative and effective solutions
  • We have a track record of successfully completing projects in challenging environments. Manadher provides high levels of project control and productivity through a multi-disciplinary and experienced team of construction specialists.
  • Implement recruitment processes to build a team with the experience, skills and qualifications needed to complete the project, along with the attitude, enthusiasm and commitment to embrace the Manadher Al Sahra values and express these values across all areas of the project.
  •  For more than 15 years, across Oman, and often in remote and challenging locations, we have collaborated with clients to provide exceptional value in projects of all size and complexity. Within the wide range of construction projects we specialize in, Manadher has the capability and experience to deliver your next Non Process Infrastructure, Social Infrastructure, Health, Defense, Accommodation, Education, Commercial or Industrial project
  • We have links to many of the major resource projects and have a strong client focus, understanding the priorities and drivers of clients in these sectors.
  • Manadher has being associated with completing the Al Khoud Dam projects.

    • Sewer lining Construction at Al Kuwair.
    • Construction of the Nizwa institute.
    • Worked with Montie Adriano Middle East LLC on Muscat waste water project.
    • Replacement and refurbishment of the Oxy Safah sign Boards and fixations.

We have also worked with so many other PDO projects on sub contractor capacity with Al-Shark Al-Awasat LLC, STS PDP Yibal project etc.