• We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading companies providing various transport services to the transport industry, Oil & Gas Etc...
  • The company is committed to observe all ROP/PDO/OXY/BP guidelines related to HSE requirements.
  • Over the last decade we have experienced tremendous growth primarily due to our prompt service and continuous support from our valued customers ranging from small to corporate giants.

Major Transport Services



Our Range Of Services:-

  • Supply of 40’ Flat bed trailers (PDO/Non-PDO, Oxy, BP Specification)
  • Supply of 60’ Flat bed trailers (PDO/Non-PDO , Oxy, BP Specification)
  • Supply of  Low bed trailers (PDO/Non-PDO , Oxy , BP Specification)
  • Supply of Prime Movers(double/Single axel) (PDO/Non-PDO , Oxy , BP Specification)
  • Supply of Cranes of various capacities (PDO/Non-PDO , Oxy , BP Specification)
  • Supply of Water Tankers ( PDO/Non- PDO , Oxy , BP Specification)
  • Supply of Vacuums Tankers ( PDO/Non- PDO , Oxy , BP Specification)
  • Supply of Hiab Trucks 10 ton/12ton/18ton/26ton (PDO/Non-PDO, Oxy , BP Specification)
  • Supply of  cargo trucks 3ton/7ton/10ton/12ton/18ton/26ton (PDO/Non-PDO , Oxy , BP Specification)
  • At MST, our Drivers are trained to the highest standards with valid ROP driving license, complete HSE and defensive driving courses specifically for transportation and heavy vehicles.
  • MST is rapidly expanding into other countries in the region and prides itself on its ability to meet clients, needs well as professional consultative services to ensure Transportation, Equipments and other interventions are targeted efficiently
  • At Manadher Al Sahra (MST) we take HSE seriously, as part of Manadher Group is Arabian Training & Safety (ATS) , a PDO approved HSE training company who not only specializes in HSE and Defensive Driving courses but is also proudly managing all Occidental of Oman (OXY) HSE, desert driving courses and RAS inspections as well as an ongoing inspection for OOCEP.
  • Some of our respective clients include but not limited to Halliburton Worldwide Oman, Weatherford Drilling International Oman, BP, National Drilling Ent LLC, Al Shawamikh Oil & Gas Services, Al Turkey Enterprises, Nabors Drilling Servises, Gulf Energy, Pentagon ets and we have conducted transportation and Equipment services for these companies with no LTI for the past five years.

At Manadher Al Sahra Trading, we are strongly committed to safety with a well written safety policy. These policies and procedures are actively supported and endorsed by our management system.

Manadher Al Sahra Trading acknowledges that it has examined and fully understands the instructions, scope and procedures pertaining to the above service Proposal.